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Windows Phone 7 App Development

Microsoft have recently released the Windows Phone 7 as a mobile platform that is to compete with other mobile platforms like the iPhone. However the Windows Phone 7 is a different kind of phone, designed to bring together all that users care about most in a very easy, intuitive and fast way. This directly affects small to large businesses with the need to improve their productivity, be more efficient and above all to be responsive to their customer’s needs to be able to stay in the market and fight the competition.

Windows Phone 7 will become a major player in the smartphone market by 2015, taking as much as 19.5 share and and surpassing RIM and Apple...



Why develop for Windows Phone 7

  • Un parallel integration with Microsoft tools such as Office, Outlook, SharePoint and Exchange
  • Innovative advertising platform to help advertisers maintain an open dialog with consumers
  • Allows users to play with their friends using their Xbox Live accounts
  • Windows Phone Marketplace offers a user friendly way to buy and sell applications
  • Benefit from the interaction with multiple social network platforms


How to start?

To create an application of your dream just contact us. All you need is to send us description of your idea, the more details you prepare, the more accurate time/cost estimate we will be able to provide you. First of all, decide what kind of application you need and what you can provide (i.e. graphics/sounds sources etc.). It will help a lot if you create design mockups and write use cases. However please feel free to contact us even if you don’t have everything prepared – we’ll be happy to assist and guide you during the preparation phase.


Be ready for Windows Phone 7.5

Microsoft just revealed upcoming release of Windows Phone 7.5 platform. Check out MIX11 Keynotes with Joe Belfiore. to see all new cool features

  • Multitasking
  • IE9 for Windows Phone
  • Additional sensor and runtime access, enabling augmented reality applications.
  • XNA/Silverlight integration
  • New Markets and Languages
  • New and enhanced AppHub and Marketplace functionality 
  • Structured storage and much more...


With Windows Phone 7.5 development tools available in the May 2011, start planning your application right now, to be ahead of your competitors.


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I was looking for a simple remote to be able to pause and play videos in the Media Player Classic... I tried this app, and when I saw all the features it offered I was extremely happy...

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