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Cloud Computing

In the next 20 years, cloud computing will inspire development of a long list of new software. It is also expected to reach small and mid-size businesses. IT customers are excited about the cost and agility advantages of cloud computing, so why don’t you join the swing?!

EnkelSoft offers custom services to define your cloud computing strategy. Our experts partner with your team to rationalize the TCO of your on premise systems and applications vs. transitioning to the cloud.

We will help you analyze the risks and benefits, and provide clarity on which combination of cloud platforms and SaaS offerings will result in the optimal comprehensive solution for your organization.


Major Cloud Computing Platforms

Today’s cloud computing market is still young. Major technology services vendors are competing on various levels and with different approaches. EnkelSoft works with all major cloud computing platforms, including the following:


Cloud computing

Recent research by IDC predicts cloud computing to grow at over 5 times rate compared to other IT industries, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.4%. 


Cloud by Cloud

Growth means expansion, but also sophistication – cloud computing has been developing so far as a ‘public’ service that encompasses all technological services sold on-demand over the internet. Today, there is a lot of buzz going on around ‘Private Cloud’, which is supposed to allow companies keep much of their current investment in own know-hows and habitual practices, while benefiting from the efficiency and expansivity of the cloud. This is a well-reasoned move to virtualize existing enterprise processing power and storage space.

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