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Android Apps Development

Android is a strong mobile operating system, developed by Open Handset Alliance, a Google led consortium, committed to creating better mobile phones. Its open source nature makes it easy for the developers to create mobile apps at very affordable prices. Blackberry and iPhone are at opposite ends of spectrum. Blackberry is famous for its business applications, while iPhone is undeniably consumer oriented, with cool features. Android sits somewhere in between and promises to bridge the existing gap.

Develop Android Apps Now

As an established player in the mobile technologies space, EnkelSoft assists you in meeting your Android mobile application development requirements. Our Android dev team builds a whole range of rich, innovative and cost-effective applications that can run on the Android Platform.

The benefits that Android offers over other mobile development options make it a really smart choice.

  • It’s simple to embark onto Android apps development - just register, upload, and publish. It helps the publishers with application delivery straight to the end user and the users with easy downloads.
  • The technology is open, transparent, and with no complexity.
  • It has great application-enabling features and support.
  • Being a multi-device development platform, it has created a large marketplace for itself

How to start?

To develop an Android app of your dream just contact us. All you need is to send us the description of your idea, the more details you prepare, the more accurate time/cost estimate we will be able to provide you. First of all, decide what kind of application you need and what you can provide (graphics/sounds sources etc.). It will help a lot if you create design mockups and write use cases. However please feel free to contact us even if you don’t have everything prepared – our Android developers be happy to assist and guide you during the preparation phase.


Join Google's mobile revolution!

Android has now surpassed iOS in terms of numbers of units sold at 28% of the market to iPhone's 21% as of Q1 2010. Interested in developing apps that can run on devices distributed by all major US carrier networks? Start developing your Froyo or Eclair-compatible app today or start planning your Gingerbread compatible app now.


Be truly platform independent!

EnkelSoft Android developers can either port your existing iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Windows Mobile application to Android, or develop a multiple-platform mobile application from the ground up!

Social networking

Social media has occupied center stage in the lives of the modern day internet users. It is widely used by the people across the globe to socialize, communicate, conduct online business and marketing, share information and news. Android has taken social marketing to the next level by placing it on palm. Thanks to rapid development in Android social networking application development, you can now easily connect to your friends, business associates, clients and other acquaintances. Bring social experience to your application.

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